The Les Mis Challenge

8: Costumes

In no particular order

1 - The Bishop of Digne’s costume in the Les Miserables 2012 Film

Look at that detail, oh it’s just so beautiful and classy and lovely

2 - Combeferre’s costume in Les Miserables on stage

Idk why I just think the costume goes really well with Marius’ so shows that they’re good friends. And also the colours just go nicely and they sut Jonny so much will always helps.

3 - Enjolras’ jacket in Les Miserables on stage

Look at it, it’s just so vibrant and powerful and really stands out on stage showing that he’s the leader and it’s just so perty :)

4 - Madame Thenardier’s wedding dress in Les Miserables on stage

When I first saw the show I thought she looked like one of the ugly sisters from Cinderella and I just couldn’t stop laughing. The Thenardiers and the comedic element of the show and this costume just completely demonstrates that.

5 - Eponine’s trench coat in Les Miserables on stage

I love the coat because it acts as her Marius because she wears it during On My Own and wraps it around her when Marius isn’t there and it protects her as Marius would. Also when she dies, she uses it to cover up her shot wound from Marius because she doesn’t want him to know and he opens it up and he’s like looking into the real Eponine behind the coat. I love the coat.

6 - Javert’s hat in Les Miserables on stage

Idk why I just love the hat. It’s so authoritative and looks so French and just looks perfect for Javert I’m not sure why

7 - The Lovely Ladies costume in Les Miserables on stage

I love how slutty the costumes are because it’s so accurate and realistic and I love all the accessories. I mean, during the show, there’s feather boas and hats and scarves flying everywhere, it’s just so vibrant!

8 - The Wedding dresses in Les Miserables on stage

They’re so pretty and with all the dancing they do when they spin, they just fill the stage with happiness and they make such a nice change from the slutty lovely lady costumes, the dirty urchins or street people. It’s nice to see the cast all done up nicely rather than grubby…